The evolution of the commercial agent...

For almost 40 years we have been taking care of the most important points of sale in the interior finishing retail sector

  • 1974

    Claudio De Marchi begins the representation in the timber sector.
  • 1983

    A young Marco De Marchi begins his career as a representative agent.
  • 1985-1989

    The package of companies in the wood sector expands with "La San Giuseppe Spa" and "Gazzotti Spa" for wooden floors.
  • 1993-1997

    "Suncover", "Ferrero Legno Spa" for the internal doors and "Fontanot Spa" for the internal stairs are added. The last two are still present today among the represented companies.
  • 2000

    De Ma Rappresentanze is the first Italian representation agency to be ISO: 9001 certified.
  • 2005

    Thanks to a study together with the architect Gian Luca Frigerio, the current spaces, still avant-garde, in which the De Ma Group is located, are developed.
  • 2008

    Bauxt, a manufacturer of armored doors, joins the companies represented.
  • 2015-2020

    Between 2015 and 2020 the representation of "DFM-SharkNet", "Silvelox" and finally "BT Group" in 2020 is added in succession.
  • 2021

    2021 is also the year in which "Formula Rivendita" consultancy and support service was born.

The agency today

To date, the companies we represent for north of Italy can be summarized as follows :

  • Ferrero Legno for interior doors;
  • Fontanot Scale for the stairs and balustrades;
  • Silvelox design garage doors and armored doors;
  • BT Group for bioclimatic pergolas and awnings;

To the supply of products, is also added Formula Rivendita, the first sales system to improve work and sales within the showroom.

About us...

  • The way to go for agencies and companies that have an important positioning on the market
    Luca Galletti
    Sales Manager Suncover (until 2014, now BT Group)
  • De Marchi anticipates the future, creating a real training center at the service of resales
    Francesco Fontanot
    President of Fontanot S.p.a.
  • A unique initiative in the world of representative agencies
    Nicola De Carlo
    CEO De Carlo Infissi
  • De Marchi's work is an example to follow for agents and resellers
    Francesco Picco
    Sales Manager Ferrero Legno S.p.a. (until 2012)
  • A person prepared and up to his task, which very few other agents would be able to imitate
    Carlo Comani
    CEO Gazzotti S.p.a.
  • The highest expression of the true sales professional
    Andrea Petri
    Sales Manager DFM - SharkNet
  • A precursor to his colleagues agents representatives
    Paolo Cattaneo
    Cattaneo Ceramiche Srl
  • He stands out for its continuous attention to our needs as resellers
    Valerio Rossi
    CEO Rossi Casa Srl
  • A tailored consulting to the needs of the individual customer
    Daniela Cameroni
    Cameroni Infissi Srl
  • De Marchi is a precursor, one of the few agents to have pursued a path of this type
    Mauro Mamoli
    Casa Design – Azzate (VA)

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